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Different Medical Kits to Consider

There are many reasons to carry a small medical kit in your Bug-Out-Bags and many reasons to carry one in your car, your range bag, etc.  Read on to see a few good examples of medical kits we like.


This is the Featherlite First Aid Kit 1.0 from Ultimate Survival Gear and can be found here:


This basic first aid kit is a nice one to keep around for whatever boo-boo you might get. One thing I like about it is that band aides don’t make up most of the kit. It comes with a variety of things to address everything from blisters, burns, stings, cuts, minor pain, and infection.  The packaging is made of lightweight nylon in a bright color so that it is easy to locate if it gets lost in the bottom of your BOB!



This is the Individual Aid Kit from NAR and can be found at the link here:


A simple trauma kit at a cost effective price, this kit contains all you will need to battle basic trauma. Contains compressed gauze, petroleum gauze, a trauma dressing, surgical tape, and a pair of gloves.  This kit is specifically designed with non medically trained individuals in mind.



Meet the Individual Patrol Officers Kit from North American Rescue which can be found at the link here:


Everything you need and nothing you don’t when it comes to dealing with massive bleeding.  This kit is simple and effective and contains 4 key items that are easy to get to and use, saving you time when your life depends on it. Using the gloves, gauze, dressing, and tourniquet there is no bleeding that you shouldn’t be able to manage. Did I mention this kit comes with 4 gauze choices as well?  The packaging is vacuum sealed and easy to open.  Designed to fit in a standard BDU pocket, and also easily fit into a vest pouch or bag/backpack.

It doesn’t matter what you are preparing for, you NEED medical kits available to you.  Start out with the basics and build your pack from there.  Have everything from what you carry in your BOB (Bug-Out-Bag) and EDC (Every Day Carry) to a large medical kit at home if you need to “Bug-In”.  We are here to help if you have questions.  Visit www.laststandsurvivalshop.com Contact Us page if you need assistance or advice.