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Fire Starter Options for Multiple Situations

One key item for all Bug-Out-Bags is a good fire starter. But there are so many of them out there! How do you choose what you need or should carry?
UST20-02229-01_1Para Knife 3.0

Here is a good option!  This is the UST Para Knife 3.0 with fire starter which can be found at:


This knife features a tough 3mm thick stainless steel blade with full tang and a titanium coating that helps keep a good edge.  The paracord handle provides a sturdy grip in all weather situations and also if used when hunting, etc.  The paracord is roughly 5 feet long.  The serrated section on the knife assists in fast rope cutting.  Also included is a nylon sheath to keep the knife clean and secure. And of course, the fire starter is included.  For the low price on this knife it is a great option for all three main components…the knife, the paracord and the fire starter.


Sparkie Fire Starter


Another great option is the UST Sparkie Fire Starter which can be found here:


This convenient fire starter is ultra-lightweight and durable.  It features a one-handed technology design.  It weighs less than an ounce which is important for carrying in your bag.  The less weight of each item, the more you can carry of other items.  This fire starter is a spring loaded flint based bar that lasts over 100 strikes.  And…one of our favorite features of this fire starter is that it is Made In The USA!


Our third option to show you is the Kershaw Magnesium Fire Starter.

It can be found here: https://laststandsurvivalshop.com/product/kershaw-fire-starter/

This magnesium fire starter is guaranteed to strike a spark even in damp conditions.  The plastic handle makes it easy to grip and the nylon cords keeps them together so the pieces don’t get separated.  The weight of this product is approximately 1.1 ounces.


There are many other great fire starter options out there.  But the main thing we love about these options is that they are all light weight which makes them perfect for your Bug-Out-Bag!